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Raising money is a constant activity for the Friends.

For only a small donation, the Friends welcome anyone who is interested in becoming a Friends of the Descanso Library supporter. Won't you go to our

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The Friends of the Descanso Library organization supports the Descanso Branch of the County Library with items which are not included in the County of San Diego Library Budget. It has been our pleasure as a support non-profit organization to fund items such as computers, computer desks, a display case, paperback book cases, garden, workshop supplies, special programs, magazines and other amenities which add to the Library's benefits for all the people of the community.

Our Used Book Room brings in a regular source of income. It is open every day that the library is open. Every chance we get, volunteers sell our Descanso History books, FODL tote bags, historical pictures, engraved note cards, cups, etc.

The "Leaves of Knowledge Tree" is a metal tree hanging in a place of honor in our meeting room and is a permanent and visible reminder of the Friends' gratitude for donations to the library. Plaques of different denominations are engraved and hung next to the tree for the first contribution of $25.00 or more. Please feel free to add your name to our "Leaves of Knowledge Tree" by sending in your donation.



Original library in its new setting

The original Descanso library building
as it currently looks.

original setting of library

How the library building looked in its
original setting, where it stayed
from 1914 to 1990.

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