Bookroom - Friends of the Descanso Library -

Descanso Branch Library - 9545 River Dr. (619)445-5279
Library Hours Tues. - 12pm -7pm Wed. & Thurs. -10am - 6pm Fri. & Sat. - 10am - 5pm Hours

Sunday– Monday Closed

Book Store Hours: Same days and times as the library is open.

Please donate books to us

Please buy books from us

Suggested Donation:

Hardback Covers $1.00, Soft Cover Books, 2 for $1.00,

Media $1.00, Children's books are free.

The Book Store has a great selection of used books including children's books and books about Descanso.  We also sell videos, audios DVD's, tote bags, our Descanso License Plate and note cards. Our books are reasonably priced. 

The book store is staffed solely by volunteers and we're always looking for new faces.  Please visit our book store and browse.  We think you will enjoy it and maybe you'll decide to become a regular customer, or even a book store volunteer.

During the long hot summer days, pick up a book at the Book Room and then relax and read in the Descanso Library.  A note worthy of mentioning in the summer:  We have air conditioning!!!!

Donated Books

We request that you follow these guidelines in order to maintain sales of high quality used books:

Books are clean and have no markings on pages. We do not accept textbooks, encyclopedias, e-media, promotional books, business, finance or health books published after the year 2010


All Book Room income goes directly to programs and supplies for our branch library. We help purchase extras, such as books, computers or furnishings which are not included in the official library budget.


Many thanks to our book room volunteers - The Book Room wouldn't exist without you!



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Original library in its new setting

The original Descanso library and current book store.

The Book Store is located, next to the library, at 9545 River Drive in Descanso.