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Tuesday and Wednesday: 9:00-6:00, Thursday: 12:00-8:00,
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Tales about people and places around Descanso

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Don Russell has generously donated his father's photographs to the Friends. He has annotated the photos in the following articles:

Around and About East San Diego County

Imperial County

Forestry and Lookout Towers

A Little of This and That

Mixed Photos

Hulburd Grove*

*This magazine was
published by the Friends History
Committee. It is out of stock.



Articles about the Descanso Branch Library

The Little Library That Could...Did

Student March of Books

Early History of the Library

Read the 100 year anniversary proclamation.

If you have stories or photos to share about early years in Descanso, Ca., please email our


The following tales were written by our
dear friend Jenny Belle Bowman.

Inez Gorton: Descanso's first librarian

Nancy Walters: A lover of Descanso

The McCoy family: Builders of rock houses

Herbert and Meave Sharman

Interview with Don Russell: Don shares his father's historical photographs.

How the first electricity reached Descanso

Stonewall Mine: Stagecoach stops in Descanso, Benjamin Arnold

Kumeyaay: Territory and Population


Articles by Other Authors

Kumeyaay: Founders, Tribes, Gather History by Maureen Brown
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Stone Houses of Descanso *

*Calendar published by the Friends History Committee


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